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Santa gunned down by Jesus. News at 11.

Or so it goes in one California town. The reindeer on the hood of a pickup truck is a nice touch.

Christmas Caption Contest Winners

After due consideration, below, find our top two that will win swag from our store. Read More…

Just call me uncle

Jebus why live north pole
Xmas submit by bwt.

Its all in the details

forgot to ask how 3 days
Xmas submit by Rowan.

Clothing makes the man

gurmants who needz em we has sum bruros
XMas submission by Blake.

Originally, we were only going to take photo captions, but with our huge turnout, we’re requalifying this submission. Yeah, I posted it earlier this month, but just trying to be complete.

and the world was a better place..

you’re not real
Xmas submit by RichVR.


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