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Surprising he wasnt teabagged.

Submitted by Tim Saward.

A true friend and martyr

What Would Weighted Companion Cube Do?

Yes, I am a gamer geek and I love Portal, and no it’s not likely the weighted companion cube jokes are going to end anytime soon. But I so very wish i had better photoshop skills, or any for that matter.

Blu-Ray? HD DVD? Which Jesus?

Blu-Ray? HD DVD? Jesus help us with the format war! Which do we buy?!

Sorry, this one is just too big to be our usual size, view image to see in all of its glory.

You cannot petition the Lord with prayer …

… ’cause he’s a Microsoft fanboi.

i can has ps3? NO! Cost too much. Gamez no good.

By RichVR

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

The cake is a lie

Oh but if I had real photoshop skillz…


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