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Some decisions haunt you.

Submitted by God’s Guy on the Ground.

You know, I tried, and I tried to come up with a title to take a shot at Apple. Trying, of course, to link this to original sin. Just couldn’t work one out without making Apple sound like the good guys.

Curse you Steve Jobs!

Spore Jesus danced for your sins.

Sure Spore has been taking a beating on Amazon for it’s draconian DRM. Sure the game play is both ridiculously too complicated for the casuals, and tediously repetitive and shallow to the hardcores. But hey, Dancing Jesus on a crucifix! If somebody can find the Sporepedia entry, please mail it to us. I must have it. For cathartic purposes.

FYI, the best part is really in the Spore Creature Creator, and for $10 at that.

Ziggurats, I haz em

Im In UR
Submitted by Roger.


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