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I had that macho-sized number eight at Del Taco earlier …

invisible cheezburger? No thanks, I’m full.

Submitted by … um … someone that wasn’t one of us.

Deus Ex Machina

God Helmet

For more information, read this article.

In Soviet Russia, God sues YOU

ernie chambers and the invisible lawsuit defendant

Submitted by Anonymous Coward #47

(For those who don’t get this, Ernie Chambers, a State Senator from Omaha, sued God for making terroristic threats, causing widespread death and so forth. More from the Huffington Post (as of time of posting). via sysministry –loltheist)

Look, Ma! One hand!

walking on water invisible waterskis

Submitted by Anonymous Coward #47

 “Hey, check it out! He’s gonna jump a shark!” –loltheist

Sometimes it hurts

The following image is safe for work, but may cause emotional upheaval. If anything, it’s pretty dark humor and even tragic. You have been warned.

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