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Have I ever mentioned I love Tree Lobsters?

Actually all Lobsters, but yeah, you should totally read Tree Lobsters.

Also, I have been lax, and I have a ton of submissions, I will get them up. I promise.

Ask, and thow shall receive

I suppose I should of seen this coming. Thanks MyBabiesHaveTails! Though I’m afraid I’ll have to deduct points for not having 13 strips.

Pimp my God

J.R. “Bob” Dobbs license plate

In response to this article.

Hmmmm. Slutbucks..

I can haz Slutbucks?

There goes those wacky fundamentalists again and their keen sense of sexual repression. How about skipping your rent and buying for the office to show your support.

Crazy? Perhaps, but not as crazy as Scientology.

Oh Fuck The Internet is Here

For a fantastic account of Anonymous‘ raid on Scientology in London this past weekend, check out the blog entry of one of the participants, complete with some fantastic pictures.


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