13 thoughts on “Pimp my God

  1. “I think it allows people of faith to profess that they believe in a higher calling, they believe in God,” said Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer.

    What the magnetic fish and the Honk for Jebus stickers aren’t enuff? They are already allowed to express their faith in any way they see fit, just not through a government issued plates. grr, and yet they’ll put the big ole red X on any personalized plate with “swear” words or things that “imply” immorality.

    You know what will happen don’t you? They’ll end up having to release similar plates with symbolism of other major religions to appease the seperation crowd.

  2. “South Carolina became the first state to offer Christian car tags last month, when Gov. Mark Sanford allowed the bill to become law without his signature. The state legislature had passed it unanimously.”

    Not quite. Indiana started offering an “In God We Trust” plate late in 2006. While, technically, they’re not explicitly/blatantly “Christian”, they do tend to leave little doubt as to the driver’s religious leanings.

    “While individuals can ask the DMV to print plates for other faiths — for a $4,000 fee — the request would be subject to significant limits and rules not imposed for the Christian plate. Other tags could feature a religious symbol — such as the Star of David — but no words would be allowed.”

    That *ALONE* should be enough to make this scheme unconstitutional — but remember that the current makeup of the Supreme Court is such that, unless Barak Obama wins the Presidency and gets the opportunity to reverse it’s course, it might actually be upheld.

    “Bauer said allowing Christians to have a specialty license plate is freedom of speech. He said those who oppose are prejudiced against Christians.

    “‘We’re not going to back down,’ Bauer said. ‘We’re going to fight for a change. I’m tired of seeing Christians back down in fear of a lawsuit.'”

    Ah, yes. The ever-reliable “Poor Persecuted Christian Me!” card. I wondered when he’d play that one…

    ETA: I added a fox news link for a suit against the Indiana law. -Lol Heathen

  3. “Ah, yes. The ever-reliable “Poor Persecuted Christian Me!” card. I wondered when he’d play that one…”

    No kidding there! I run into that on a daily basis with so-called “Christians” who do all they can to shove their religion in others’ faces, then when people say something back, they pull the crucifixion complex crap.

  4. Considering that Bumper Stickers can cause Road Rage, I can only imagine what License Plate rage would look like. I mean, I would never suggest that their would be a negative reaction to drivers of said vehicles. That would be wrong.

    I agree though, denying writing for other plates, and charging a fee that the christian plate didn’t have to pay almost guarantees this will be struck down in court.

  5. I can’t wait to get one that says “my other car is a broom”
    wiccans have rights, too.

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  7. My old link to the “In God We Trust” plate seems to have died. Here’s a new cut-and-paste link to it (*puts on tinfoil hat* I think that they move the page around specifically so that blasphemers like me can’t link blasphemers like you directly to it.):


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