13 thoughts on “Well, duh, you can’t eat frankincense!

  1. we didn’t know about the gingerbread church because one of the kings done ate it when the other ones were sleeping. he tried to pass it off, but the others noticed and beat him to a bloody pulp with the myrrh chest and a gold baseball bat. gifts for a little boy, remember. that’s why there were only 3 kings from Orientar.

  2. Actaully, you can eat Frankincense. But the edible kind has to be pure. I bought some Frankincense in Salalah, Oman, which is where it is from, and the seller showed me the type to eat. It should have a translucent look, with no black or brown impurities in it. It is often light yellow with a (very) slight greenish tint. You chew it like gum, but it is a bit sticker because it is sap. The Omani seller told me that it was indeed used in medicine and was good for digestion, skin, etc. But then again, that’s what THEY say about a lot of things. I am actually eating some right now!

  3. I love eating Frankincense. But I only chew the pure Royal Hougari, beautiful big transluscent drops
    just as they oozed out of the tree. Just a piece the size of a match head will chew
    like a tiny piece of chewing gum and last for half an hour or more as it slowly releases its
    fragrance into your mouth. Lovely stuff – Wrigleys watch out!

  4. I too bought and ate only the best of the frankincense resin, usually, Royal Hougari, while I lived through-out the Middle East. Which is a place I miss, despite much of what is going on. There is just so much to learn throughout the area.

    Anyway, I have been unable to purchase any of the resin since being back in the States. http://www.alchemist.sg has it for sale, alas, their purchasing cart is a mess at this time and will not store the purchase of the resin.

    I would be extremely happy if anyone can share another place where I may procure this wonderful health product – at least for me.

    All the best,


  5. Hi. My name is Mel Williams. Yes you can eat Frankincense. There is a special type for eating, it’s a gum that you chew and it desolves in your mouth, it’s good for cleansing and purifying your body. I have tried it twice. The other type of Frankincense is for burning.

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