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The Pope is not going to be pleased.

Or maybe he was… who knows?

Stolen from

Poor Joseph and his performance anxiety.

Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow.

Oh, those wacky New Zealanders. This is a billboard for a “progressive” church there. Managed to stay up a couple of hours before being defaced. I kinda like it.

Whatever, Jesus is everywhere, blah blah.

Jesus not on mars
I wonder how much THAT will go for on eBay.

Ok, I don’t see it. Even squinting really hard, I don’t see this one. Let alone the bonus Virgin Mary. Im guessing the top middle is the head? If so I guess Jesus is a burn victim. Seems to me it’s just as likely to be a planetary vagina.

Here is a hi-res photo so you can not see anything much more clearly.

eta: Link to original article. Whoops.

The First Apostle

Crasher Squirrel defies time and space

I’m totally down with anything calling itself THE SQUIRRELIZER. Really, I could do this all day. I just might. Be forewarned.

ETA: Sadly, The Squirrelizer is no more. One can hope that it will someday return, but today is not that day. Probably.


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