Come with us, join us, come with us, join us…


9 responses to “Come with us, join us, come with us, join us…”

  1. Loltheist says :

    The title of this one reminded me of “Chaaaaaarlie! Chaaaaarlie! We’re going to Candy Mountain, Chaaarlie! Candy Mountain, Chaaarlie!”

    Yup. Creepy.

  2. Metz says :

    I stole it from my husband’s Dungeon Keeper game. I’ve heard it has been used elsewhere. I just remember hearing it over and over and over and…

  3. LolHeathen says :

    Oh god, the unit acknowledgment. I missed that reference, I was wondering what you were riffing.

  4. Katillac says :

    So, in Dungeon Keeper, there’s a baby Jebus, an angel, and three creepy old dudes with osteoporosis carrying gifts? That would register pretty high on my weird shit-o-meter.

  5. LolHeathen says :

    Not quite. In the title of the post, “Come with us” and “join us” are unit acknowledgments when you click on units in game.

    Although if you’re looking for jesus and angels, and creepy old guys in a video game, maybe you’ll find it in Left Behind Tribulation Forces. Or maybe not. Who knows.

  6. Metz says :

    If I remember right that’s what those eye stalk thingeys would whisper/say to “recruit” people from the “good guys”.

  7. Metz says :

    Shoot, hit submit too soon, meant to add that’s what the angel kind of reminded me of.

  8. Katillac says :

    I’m lost on the Dungeon Keeper references. I’ll stick to Meowcenaries.

  9. reynard61 says :

    “I’m dreaming of a Goth Christmas…”

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