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His running mate is who now?

Hey, we gotta get more mileage out of the Palin toast…

In a theatre near you.

Opening today is Bill Maher’s comic take on religion, Religulous. While I would rather be running a banner ad for it instead of Muslim Singles Dating, alas we can not. Ah well, still, chances are if you like this site, you’ll like the movie and it offers me a chance to post the far superior movie poster used outside the United States.. Hell, I might even go see it, and I think the last movie I remember seeing in a theater was Kung Fu Hustle.

*Ok, I just had to slip some form of shameless advertisement in, just on principle.

Now available on DVD.

They’re not even trying anymore

Submitted by Reverend Wubby.

Apparently, the virgin is continuing her world tour, this time stopping in Boston. Just remember. These people vote.

Oh hey, while you’re out. If you see the image of a Platypus in the window or on toast, can you let us know? Thanks.


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