11 thoughts on “His running mate is who now?

  1. *bans katillac


    You know what’s funny about things like that? It’s that as soon as I post this comment, something will go temporarily wrong with kat’s Internet connection such that this site won’t come up and everyone will think I really did it.

    Don’t worry, folks: I would not ban anyone for making puns. Except maybe myself. But that was an accident: really, I was just testing the “BANNINATE” button.

    Yes, let’s all just agree to say no more about this.

    Hey, look! Russia!

  2. Sorry, That’s supposed to be “Russia? Where?” in Cyrillic; but the site engine obviously doesn’t recognize that particular font set…

  3. Heh if I were banned, I may not know it right away. I’m on Time Warner’s Roadrunner. Access is often dodgy. At least for this site. Waitaminute… !

    I see what you did there.

  4. I was browsing the web about Sarah Palin when I found your site. Sarah Palin’s stance on “age appropriate” sex education and *gag* teaching creationism really bother me (my name gives away that I ❤ evolution!).

    As a 16 year old student who often questions the role of religion in our decisions and misdirections, I feel there is something I must say: YOU ROCK. YOUR SITE IS AMAZING.

    I definitely plan on visiting this site again. Peace out!

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