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Every time?

Submitted by Garth.

I’m sure this is more meaningful to someone, not me, who watches football.

Too bad he’s drinking all the profits.

Do you like my hat? I do not!

I thought about punning Prophets. – Lol Heathen

Not all are pleased about a day without cats.

Careful, she's going 3 Dimensional!

The thing I’m most impressed with is finally finding a use for wingdings. -Lol Heathen

That’ll cost you extra.

Another post inspired by my vacation: Metz and I toured the Morgan Library & Museum, which gave me fuel for the cheezburger recipe post as well as this one. I bought a journal from the gift shop just so we could take LolNotes (much to the embarressment of our companion Metsie), so there may be future posts influenced by the trip.

I feel compelled to add that, though the subject matter of the tapestry doesn’t seem religious, there are definite allusions to Jebus and purity as well as mythology.


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