5 thoughts on “Every time?

  1. yeh, it’s meaningful to a san diego chargers fan…they have an institutional ability to crush your hopes and joy with an iron fist.
    i was trying to indicate the god tossing the lighting bolt away, but i don’t know how effective it is. now i’m depressed all over again

  2. Oh I get it and I don’t even watch Football. NY Mets fans feel pretty much the same way most of the time too.

    (PS I’m sekritly a S.D. fan all the way as they’re my adopted-I-wish-I-still-lived-there hometown)

    Garth, the throwing away of the bolt/memorabilia away totally works! 🙂 It also works well as if he’s P.O’d an gonna show them how to hurl a thunderbolt (in lieu of a football).

  3. haha it’s ok. i’m recovering slowly…but the lakers and kings aren’t helping. and baseball season is looming, with the soul crushing and all that. metz, what’s worse, seeing them go nearly all the way and fail (like the chargers the last few seasons) or seeing them never be close (like the padres the last few seasons)? I’d honestly rather see them nearly make it…i’m a glutton i guess

  4. @garth, heh sometimes I think it’s worse when they lead you on. Especially when they start getting those “instant” fans, at least when they’re always losing you can claim to be a true loyal fan no matter what. 😆 But secretly, I think I get excited too when they do good, and in the far back of my mind I’m like, “yeah but you know they’re gonna screw it up at the last second.” At least in that aspect they never fail me. 😀

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