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Have I ever mentioned I love Tree Lobsters?

Actually all Lobsters, but yeah, you should totally read Tree Lobsters.

Also, I have been lax, and I have a ton of submissions, I will get them up. I promise.

Please, won’t somebody think of the crakas?

Don mov or da craka gets it

Submitted by Tom.

Sorry about the late Credit Tom, I swear it was there when i queued it.

And praised with a good Chianti as well

FSM Flying Spaghetti Monster Alpha Semolina
Inspired by CraigB from tehsoapbox.

DanielK the Spambot

I would like to take a moment to appreciate my favorite reader, DanielK the spambot. Daniel isn’t the brightest spambot, but he is persistent, and has a good heart. What’s more, it’s his willingness to learn that impresses me. Join me now in some of his more insightful comments.

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