6 thoughts on “Nowadays, the church ladies just snub you.

  1. “The more I read about Socrates, the less I wonder that they poisoned him.” – Lord Thomas Macaulay (1800 – 1859), British statesman and writer

  2. I am absolutely certain that the captions are accurate. modern slang makes it funny, but those facial and body language expressions are priceless!

  3. I keep coming back to this one, it makes me laff so hard I cry. Seriously the capshuns are DEAD ON perfecto for this pic. It’s almost like…like U were der!

  4. What they don’t know is that the guy in the hallway is really trying to hide his laughter. You see, he switched the cup of poison with Lil John’s Crunk Juice cup. The guy handing it to Socrates is hiding his face because he knows once he moves his hand all the bling on it will show, and he’s hoping everyone is too pre-occupied to notice.


  5. I was watching something on the History channel and Socrates was mentioned, and this was the painting shown. Nobody could figure out why I did an immediate spit take. Let me tell you, coca cola nasal enema works great on the sinuses. hurts like hell, but works great!

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