There’s a lot more than a page…

Short Version: There’s 1200 of these things, look at a random one.

Long Version:  So yeah, we don’t really add to the site anymore. But we can’t let it slip to the ether, so we have decided to park it on instead of expensive yearly hosting.  Works great really.  Except. Well. We have little control of the theme and plugins.  This makes for a boring non randomized site showing the same posts over and over.  That’s no fun.  So update your bookmark with the link  above .  Also handily located in the top right sidebar for browsing.



Ok, I don’t know why I said that.

Still, Twitter is the rage at the moment, practically guaranteeing it’s 15 minutes of internet fame is up. So, it’s totally time to jump on the bandwagon! That, and with the WordPress plugin, it takes no effort. We here at are real big fans of no effort. Clearly, it is meant to be. This even buys into our slacker selves in that you will now know the instant (well, more instant) we post our irratically nonscheduled macros!

But wait! There’s More!

Oftentimes there are items that just don’t quite fit with the site, or side comments we would like to make, or even lolish items posted on other sites (we try not to repost other peoples stuff on our site.) In those cases, we now will use Twitter as an outlet to throw a quick link up.

So feel free to follow, or not. We’re not emotionally attached with the feed, but we know everyone loves Twitter! Just ask Loltheist. She was very emotional about it. Though I wouldn’t call it an attachment. Anyway, there is now a convenient Twitter link in the right sidebar.

The 13 most rated posts.

As you know may have noticed, while we run the post ratings plugin, but you never really get to see what is popular since the query to actually use the data takes about 20 seconds to run. So now, for your enjoyment, the 13 most rated posts on Loltheist. Not the most favorite mind you, just the most rated.

We haz a gravatar.

Just a quick note to mention we’ve caught up with the 20th century, and now when you make a comment and are logged into WordPress, your avatar will show.  Nothing important,really, nothing to see here.  Well, other than the gravatar.  Maybe in future weeks we’ll endeavor to catch up with the 21st century.

Oh, and go vote.  Seriously.