We haz a gravatar.

Just a quick note to mention we’ve caught up with the 20th century, and now when you make a comment and are logged into WordPress, your avatar will show.  Nothing important,really, nothing to see here.  Well, other than the gravatar.  Maybe in future weeks we’ll endeavor to catch up with the 21st century.

Oh, and go vote.  Seriously.

Listen up slackers: Submit to LOLTheist or be doomed!

That’s right , folks, don’t think we haven’t noticed — the volume of submissions has dropped off here recently. Now, as you know, LOLHeathen (and/or myself or Blastfemmer, but especially LOLHeathen) is perfectly capable of creating our own entries, but this site is also for YOU and thus, it is incumbent upon you to … well .. send us free content!

Yes, that’s right. Send us stuff. Even if it’s just a link to a picture and a note about what you think the caption should be! We don’t care if you’re a Photoshop or GIMP guru! Send us stuff!

Otherwise, LOLHeathen gets it.

And we will not post video of said getting.

That is all.

ETA: LOLHeathen doesn’t know I’m posting this, and will probably be pissed. Just so you know. It wasn’t his idea. At all.

 ETAA: LOLHeathen didn’t know and is pissed.  But what are you gonna do, her name is on the site. -Lol Heathen

Iz R Birfday

Iz 4 birfday we can haz bbq
Submitted by Divine Priestess of Innuendoz.

Yes, it’s true, a year ago today, this site was poofed into existence. Some may argue it was Intelligent Design. Most, perhaps not. Ironically, mostly the ones who normally would argue for Intelligent Design. Either way. Here we are! Thanks to everyone who has made this a fun and bumpy ride. We hereby magic away any and all celebratory calories ingested on cake on our behalf. No, really.

As always, we’re looking for submissions. If you have any, please mail them in. Also, In the near future, I am REALLY going to move the site to a new host. I know I say this every couple of months. This time I mean it. Probably.

-Lol Heathen

DanielK the Spambot

I would like to take a moment to appreciate my favorite reader, DanielK the spambot. Daniel isn’t the brightest spambot, but he is persistent, and has a good heart. What’s more, it’s his willingness to learn that impresses me. Join me now in some of his more insightful comments.

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