Christmas Caption Contest Winners

After due consideration, below, find our top two that will win swag from our store.

Top honor goes to Rowan, with a captioned photo of Santa on the cross, complete with Christmas lights. I really would like to know the story behind whoever did that.

Second place goes to Soylent Ape with what is an ultimate truth, the re-gift of myrhh.

Congratulation to you two, and thanks to those who submitted entries.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Caption Contest Winners

  1. thanks, o people of excellent taste! please advise how to claim swag.
    So, the Santa on the cross was done by Art Conrad of Bremerton, Washington. This picture was in the Kitsap Sun paper, and the article was actually on comcast home page a few weeks ago. Art’s reasoning was to protest consumerism. he says his neighbors weren’t too pissed. he made some Christmas cards with the pictures that said “Santa died for your Mastercard” on the inside. that was funny all by itself.
    Santa on the cross had been done before, in Japan an effort was made to try and incorporate some American traditions into Japanese culture, and some enterprising department store window dresser, not understanding either aspect of Christmas, just muttered “crazy yanks” and put Santa you-know-where. I tried to get a picture of that, but the only one I could find was a lady pushing a stroller past the window where you could see the display from a distance, and nothing came to mind for that one.
    I thought it was the ultimate, too, but I also really liked the fruitcake one. thanks again!

  2. Soy was kind enough to give his prize to my nephew, who chose this awesome awesomeness.

    He received it a while back and loves it! He even wore it to school picture day!
    I’ll send you a pic soon as I can get one 🙂

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