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About time the devil had his due.

“I was naked coming out of the shower and I could suddenly see his eyes staring into me. I just screamed and ran.”

It’s in the Sun, so you know it’s true.

The Pope is not going to be pleased.

Or maybe he was… who knows?

Stolen from

Next up? The Shroud of Urine.

This just in, Jesus spotted in an Ikea bathroom . Maybe it’s a Larry Craig thing. Could also be Gandolf. Would possibly explain the penchant for hobbits.

Whatever, Jesus is everywhere, blah blah.

Jesus not on mars
I wonder how much THAT will go for on eBay.

Ok, I don’t see it. Even squinting really hard, I don’t see this one. Let alone the bonus Virgin Mary. Im guessing the top middle is the head? If so I guess Jesus is a burn victim. Seems to me it’s just as likely to be a planetary vagina.

Here is a hi-res photo so you can not see anything much more clearly.

eta: Link to original article. Whoops.

Blessed by the holy touch of oil.

Cross in potato chip.

Right now on eBay, this poor, lonely cross embedded potato chip is wasting away with no bids. Won’t somebody think of the potato chip? Just think of it as the start of a collection of religious artifacts. You can’t just start with toast, you have to work your way up. has no affiliation with cabledude28, although we’ve been told he has 100% positive feedback.


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