Divine Pilgrimage

Submitted by My Babies Have Tails.

I am starting to feel as though I have created a monster. While recently on vacation, MBHT was having a guinness at a pub, which was apparently graced by the lord and his mom. I suppose I should feel bad, but hey, more content!

Of which, I apologize for the dearth of lately.

8 thoughts on “Divine Pilgrimage

  1. Quick! Drink the damned thing before the Jezus-and-Virgin-Apparition-Followers World Tour finds out and starts crowding around to worship it!

  2. Baaay-be Jeebus pa-rum pum pum pum
    And, Teh Verjin too, pa-rum pum pum pum
    I drank a beer for dem, pa-rum pum pum pum
    rum pum pum pum
    rum pum pum pum

    I got drunk foar dem, pa-rum pum pum pum
    and fell on my bum.

  3. Okay so I finally can see it but I can also see a bugs bunny face so does that mean I failed the ink blot test???

    Pass me a beer and pretzles MKAY!

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