Blessed by the holy touch of oil.

Cross in potato chip.

Right now on eBay, this poor, lonely cross embedded potato chip is wasting away with no bids. Won’t somebody think of the potato chip? Just think of it as the start of a collection of religious artifacts. You can’t just start with toast, you have to work your way up. has no affiliation with cabledude28, although we’ve been told he has 100% positive feedback.

4 thoughts on “Blessed by the holy touch of oil.

  1. Just shared this with my MIL she rolled her eyes so bad I thought they’d pop right out of her head.
    You should have a safety warning for these kinds of posts. LOL!
    No bids? Do you think he’d take a Frito in exchange? I’m sure we can find two fused together in a vague crosslike approximation in a bag, there’s always at least one fused set.

  2. Maybe it would help if he learned how to spell potato. Spelling it the Dan Quayle way doesn’t help. The way he states the shipping, he’s also setting himself up for a PayPal claim. What a tool.

    On the other hand, I have a penis-shaped Cheeto that would fit this chip well. 😉

  3. Once again, hours later, I see I should of entitled this “Blessed by the touch of holy oil.”


    Some days a heathen can’t catch a break.

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