Whatever, Jesus is everywhere, blah blah.

Jesus not on mars
I wonder how much THAT will go for on eBay.

Ok, I don’t see it. Even squinting really hard, I don’t see this one. Let alone the bonus Virgin Mary. Im guessing the top middle is the head? If so I guess Jesus is a burn victim. Seems to me it’s just as likely to be a planetary vagina.

Here is a hi-res photo so you can not see anything much more clearly.

eta: Link to original article. Whoops.

4 thoughts on “Whatever, Jesus is everywhere, blah blah.

  1. I’ve squinted, looked crosseyed at it, turned it around and around and I’ve got nuttin. To stretch it I can say there is an impression of flowing robes but not much else. Maybe Jebus got his head blown off in one of those shoot ’em up games?

  2. Oh my god! I see! I See! I SEE!

    Oh, nevermind.

    False alarm.

    Well, maybe a vague outline of Eccentrica Gallumbits, the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon 6.

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