13 thoughts on “We ain’t no Kansas

  1. The problem now is that those kids are going to have to take — and will probably be stuck for the rest of their lives in — bottom-rung, low-pay, no-benefit jobs (assuming, of course, that they can even *find* a job) because their parents preferred that they be religiously/ideologically pure/”correct” rather than properly educated. Oh, well; that’s just more high-paying, benefit-filled jobs for the unsaved, Hell-bound (but well-educated) heathen-folk…

  2. the nice thing about education is that it can continue. hopefully, after those kids see the world out here, they will educate themselves.

  3. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that fits here…
    Fine- I evolved- you didn’t.

  4. Think those stickers are for sale somewhere? Very useful to have in your pockets when in book stores, hotel rooms, churches or people’s houses 🙂

  5. Oops, sorry. I double failed. Yes, it would be great to have a handful of stickers like the one on the babble in the pic above. Any place that does custom stickers could do them. Some screen printing places will do stuff like that if they feel they can sell enough. I don’t think that would be a problem. It would mainly depend on price to the customer.

  6. Let us hope, Reynard.

    Then again, the fanatics who have usurped the title of “conservative” might prevail long enough to turn us into a Theocracy. Then those kids will be the policy-makers and educators.

  7. Well, aside from the problem of Theocrats/fanatics as policy-makers and educators (that’s actually a whole ‘nother problem — albeit one that contributes to the one that I’m worried about…); there is also the problem of those poorly educated (but religiously/ideologically pure/”correct”) kids having to go on welfare and/or in debt because a) as above, they don’t qualify for the higher education necessary to get a job (what few jobs there are, anyway) in today’s market; and b) they’re too indoctrinated by their so-called “education” to apply any kind of critical thinking to their situation in order to find a way out of it. (“First thing you do when you find yourself in a hole? STOP DIGGING!!!” But what if your teachers never *taught* you how to stop digging — or, worse yet, to keep digging no matter what because you’re “Digging for God”?)

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