And now for something completely different…

One of the staples in my life is listening to the Rick Emerson Show, a radio show potpourri that’s rather hard to explain, but suffice it to say I find it really amusing. (After all, the show often has a “Religious Nutcase Watch”). Anyway, the host is a recovering catholic, and discovered a “Stations of the Cross” booklet thing he was indoctrinated to make in kindergarten. He was discussing it on the show today, and had me on the floor laughing. Visual aid on his website… While I would humbly suggest it’s worth your time to try the whole show, I’ve listed the MP3s below with their time to start listening to the relevant sections.

Rick Emerson Hour 3 – From 48:04, well really 51:55 after tangents. Through 1:02:33
Rick Emerson Hour 4 – From 7:25 through 23:25

Oh, as a bonus, there’s also a Religious Nutcase Watch for your pleasure since you’ll already have hour 3.
Rick Emerson Hour 3 – From 17:22 through 19:30.

You can find the Rick Emerson Show RSS/Podcast feed available for your favorite player. Four hours a day, 11-3. The show is out of Portland, Oregon, but not living there, I listen to it on the net.

3 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

  1. I found Rick on Sept 12, 2001, had to leave Portland in 2002 and now live in bloody Florida, but I haven’t missed a show yet. The Rick Emerson Show makes life worth living, even out here on this festering appendage of a state, and Tim IS my personal dyslexic savior.

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