18 thoughts on “There! What’s in that bag! I can’t read!

  1. omg. this is going directly to the Anticraft. maybe they’ll put in the next issue themed bacon. (I’m not kidding, it’s out in a couple of months.)

  2. I find it highly amusing that the Google ad on the bacon post is for the International Muslim Matrimonial Site.

    No wonder this site doesn’t pay for itself.

  3. site nazi from live journal communities sayz: “that not blasphemous in any way, do not post here. perhaps your epic fail could be recognized by a picture of a bus, implying that you should get on it and get out of here.”

    loltheism nazi sayz: “we are an equal opportunity blasphemer. send us whatever the fuck you want. someone will think it’s funneh”

    that’s why I love you guyz. even when one of youze is a girl.

  4. @Katillac, yeah this is totally about posting something because we can. 🙂 Although, as a Jewish reference it totally crack me up in ways I wish I was clever enough to have thought of to start.

  5. totally made it up. make everything up.
    no, I actually joined the cat macro community on live journal just so I could comment on some really funny shit they had. much more irreverent than ICHC, and I liked it. that part went okay until I posted a picture of something they didn’t like, and I got bombarded with really ignorant and snarky stuff like that. I was pretty surprised that it actually hurt my feelings. maybe this is not the community for you. lurk more. and the bus picture. didn’t make that part up. so I floated around in live journal, found wtf cat macros, that was some funny shit. but after my first post, same thing. and, I discovered, same people. maybe I’m not funny with cats.

  6. OH! I get the bacon machine reference now! I keep trying and trying but only get hot air from those things. I guess that’s supposed to be to cook the bacon after it comes out. Maybe the machines were out or I have to wait until it’s my turn to hit the jackpot.

    Rowan, where is this cat macro community on live journal that’s more irreverent than ICHC? I don’t think they like me there any more over a spat on ihasahotdog.com. Plus, I tend to say things hypersensitive people don’t like. And I curse. It’s not tourettes. I just like saying the word fuck.

  7. It’s no loss really, it’s not the best bacon. Still, it is bacon.

    I just like saying the word fuck.
    You’ll fit in just fine here.

    We’re not really hypersensitive either.

    Or sensitive for that matter.

  8. the community is called “cat macros” and their tag line is “post some fucking cats!”. I still read them, I think they’re pretty funny for the most part, and I like “wtf cat macros” too, I just won’t post anymore. maybe I’m too fucking sensitive for that. ICHC just ignores me.
    oh, and about fuck? you just have to make sure you don’t exceed your quota of fucks in any given day.
    (every time I say that, one of my kids starts going “fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck”). I tell them it’s a sign of a mediocre mind that you can’t think of anything else to say. as I go on my merry way saying–well, it’s like an episode of the Osbornes around here.

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