This Bud’s for You

The King of the Jews for the King of Beers

Stolen from here .

Now, LolHeathen doesn’t like stealing or poaching from other websites, even if, as in this case, it’s totally appropriate. However, I’m still a bit miffed about the Osama thing, so I decided to post this anyway.

Shma! In ur face, LolHeathen!

Nope, no idea if it’s real or not.

22 thoughts on “This Bud’s for You

  1. The last time something like this happened we spent the next five years trying to inflict bad movies on each other. Do you really want to go there? Do you really?

  2. I once showed up at Loltheist’s house while she was out and left bacon in her fridge for no reason.

    Actually, as I recall, I was home at the time but I never noticed that you’d been there, NOR did I notice the bacon.

    now, here all this time I thought you guyz were just aspects of one mind.

    Hahaha! You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Maybe that’s why we’re best friends. For reference, however, I’m the female one, and he’s not.

  3. For reference, however, I’m the female one, and he’s not.

    Now that is a great line! I can see that being used on the supposed “Mary” in the Last Supper pics.

    Well I would notice if someone left ME bacon! 😉

  4. Sorry Rowan, you’re a little outside my travel range. I suppose I could see about outsourcing the job. *wanders off to google*

    So, I guess all this time, you just thought I talked to myself? What do I look like? A prophet?

  5. As soon as bacon came up in the discussion, the link was inevitable.

    Oh, and Rowan: he really does look kind of like a prophet. He’s got the beard and everything. I kept trying to get him to say “Praise Allah” a lot the last time we went ammo shopping, but he wouldn’t have it.


  6. well the way people get het up about that mebbe that was a safe bet. 😉
    sometimes overzealous types tend to shoot first, LOL later.

  7. talking to onesself is sometimes the only way to have intelligent conversation in my house. I think nothing of it if someone else does it. if they do it in public, see, I think if I stand nearby and also talk to myself, we have the illusion of normalcy. a terribly rare phenomenon.
    and a prophet is required in any religion, Lord, even loltheism.
    so–can we eat bacon, or are we restricted to merely mocking it?

  8. Oh fuck yeah, Bacon is the best. Especially fatty bacon. Loltheist disagrees with me though. She has her bacon incinerated to crispiness, to the point that it can be used as building material.

    Fatty bacon tho… that’s where it’s at.

    Also, Loltheist is the head of the religion. It’s part of her life goals. I’m merely her witness. I also do administrative duties. and Taxes.

  9. okay, you’re a minion. I get that.
    and when it comes to buying bacon? you’ll find me dilligently reading labels, wanting to know the sodium content. so I can buy the one with the highest.

  10. That’s actually how I choose microwave popcorn, look for the most saturated fat. But when I go for bacon, I go for the serious stuff, we have a local butcher that smokes bacon in the store. Talking 1/8 inch thick slabs. Various flavors.

  11. I like to visit the online zine AntiCraft. it was there I first heard of y’all, so blame them. anyway, there are lots of snarky folks there, and we’re currently working on the next issue, roughly corresponding to pagan calendar, and the theme is bacon. yes, bacon. can you craft with bacon, you ask. well ,yes, you can. our beloved founder is currently at work on a meat tiara. and there you will also find a recipe for bacon flavored vodka. I know, right? the best of 2 worlds.

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