Listen up slackers: Submit to LOLTheist or be doomed!

That’s right , folks, don’t think we haven’t noticed — the volume of submissions has dropped off here recently. Now, as you know, LOLHeathen (and/or myself or Blastfemmer, but especially LOLHeathen) is perfectly capable of creating our own entries, but this site is also for YOU and thus, it is incumbent upon you to … well .. send us free content!

Yes, that’s right. Send us stuff. Even if it’s just a link to a picture and a note about what you think the caption should be! We don’t care if you’re a Photoshop or GIMP guru! Send us stuff!

Otherwise, LOLHeathen gets it.

And we will not post video of said getting.

That is all.

ETA: LOLHeathen doesn’t know I’m posting this, and will probably be pissed. Just so you know. It wasn’t his idea. At all.

¬†ETAA: LOLHeathen didn’t know and is pissed.¬† But what are you gonna do, her name is on the site. -Lol Heathen