Tis the season… for a contest!

As we are now firmly entrenched in the Christmas countdown, it’s the perfect time to take a critical eye to the icons that surround and engulf us. So go out amongst your fellow man, and photo and caption this seasons religious absurdity wherever it can be found. Gaudy nativity scenes? Poorly juxtaposed reverence in the streets? Hypocrisy of the season? Snap it, Caption it, Submit it. If it amuses you, amuse us, and you may end up with one of our fabulous shirts. Yeah, the prize could be better but there’s only so much money we can lose on this site. OH! Did we mention fame? Yeah, internet fame! Surely that will keep you warm this season.

Standard submission guidelines apply. Must have a Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Etc theme to qualify. For those who have problems photoshopping images, we’ll even take your image and your supplied caption and make the final entry for you.

Just think, you’ll finally have a good use for that camera phone that was foisted upon you by your cellphone carrier! Our favorite two entries get a t-shirt of their choice from our store. Entries will be placed up as we get closer to Christmas.

Contest is limited to entrants in the United States & Canada. Sorry. Winners to be announced January 1st.

Oh, and our queue is empty so feel free to send any other non-contest submissions you’ve been thinking about. Also, we know a ton of you are Stumblers, if you enjoy our entries, please give them ye old thumbs up. More traffic means more people, which means more submissions, and we all live happily ever after. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “Tis the season… for a contest!

  1. Fun!
    Does it have to be our original photo, or can it be something from the public domain?

    I’ll announce it on our sidebar news tomorrow.

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