15 thoughts on “You turn around for one second…

  1. you know what this reminds me of? A really old cheezball movie The Philadelphia Experiment.
    The scene on the ship where the men have been fused into it. (shudders)

  2. I drove by that statue on I-75 yesterday (Solid Rock Church in Monroe OH), and I’ve got to tell ya – Giant Drowning Jebus doesn’t look that good anymore. His head looks like it’s melting, his arms don’t look completely intact and the whole thing is discolored from accumulated highway exhaust. Bit of a shame, really.

  3. Well they need to steal, er borrow, er divert, raise! Yeah Raise some funds to cover the restoration. This is a landmark people! So what if you’re out of work and your family is subsiting on less than $300 a month, the phrase “give until it hurts” came about for a reason y’know!

  4. the folks who live near there call him Big Butter Jesus. maybe that’s why he seems to be melting. Imagine my friend’s surprise when I produced for her enjoyment like 6 macros with him. she thought nobody outside the area either would believe her, or had seen him.

  5. so what appears to be a reflecting pool is actually a sizzling hot giant griddle?
    ALRIGHT! Who wants Frawnch Toast, is it ok to call it Frawnch Toast again? Peh, I’m callin’ it Frawnch Toast. Frawnch Toast and BACON 4 everyone!!!! YUM!!

  6. I’ve always called him touchdown Jeebus…. but Blogesque is right… (course he’s the father of my son, so I would have to believe him- lol)he looks like he’s melting in the hot sun… and I’ll take some of that French Toast…

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