Iz R Birfday

Iz 4 birfday we can haz bbq
Submitted by Divine Priestess of Innuendoz.

Yes, it’s true, a year ago today, this site was poofed into existence. Some may argue it was Intelligent Design. Most, perhaps not. Ironically, mostly the ones who normally would argue for Intelligent Design. Either way. Here we are! Thanks to everyone who has made this a fun and bumpy ride. We hereby magic away any and all celebratory calories ingested on cake on our behalf. No, really.

As always, we’re looking for submissions. If you have any, please mail them in. Also, In the near future, I am REALLY going to move the site to a new host. I know I say this every couple of months. This time I mean it. Probably.

-Lol Heathen

6 thoughts on “Iz R Birfday

  1. Happy Brithday!!!!! We celebrate all the giggles, guffaws and job-threatening LOL’s @ work. Thanks for the funny!! ?

  2. only a year? the fine-honed weirdness is only a year?
    see, I was impressed before. now? notsomuch, akshuly.
    no, just kidding, I love hanging out with you guyz. oh, and mom sayz hi too–
    she’s still not over the sids baby thing.

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