And the band played on…

We interrupt our normal mockery with a clarification. About 18 months ago, I posted an image, of something, which we’ve been bantering about. I decided to dig up the full picture for context.

Michelangelo's Last Judgment
To view the picture large, right click and view the image seperately. The picture in question is to the right, about half way up the picture.

So, while I still don’t know what it is, it probably has some musical use. So, Rowan is probably right. Not that it excuses that disturbing insight.

Oh, and apparently our psuedo-minstrel is going to hell. I’d bet he’d want it that way though. Good for the muse.

7 thoughts on “And the band played on…

  1. St. Catherine was condemned to die on the breaking wheel, a spiked wheel used as an instrument of torture and death. When she first touched it, it broke, so then they beheaded her instead. I have seen her in many paintings, usually carrying her wheel with her.

  2. well, not to defend my oddly sideways brain, but in the little picture you couldn’t see the spikes on the outside. a Catherine wheel is know to many a modern day torturer, but that’s not what I thought it looked like. maybe it doesn’t. but that painting is food for plenty of wank, isn’t it?

  3. I can see where it may be a Catherine wheel. But it still seems odd not having spokes. Also, why would it be broken? As I understand it, the framing of the picture is the people on the left are ascending to heaven, while the right to hell.

  4. Not saying it makes sense, but it seems to be attributed to St. Cathy. See (this site is naming all the players, if you really want to read it all) (mentions Cathy and others in the picture) (doesn’t say much about the wheel, but he does call her fat. ouch)

    Michelangelo was bigger on style than accuracy, which would lead to everyone’s confusion. She definitely is a lady who looks like a dude (in Micky’s depiction).

  5. Actually, LolHeaven, everyone on the top of the painting are saints and are in heaven. Most of the Saints are holding something that shows how they died, like Saint Cathrine, St. Bartholomew (holding his skin), and Jesus. The ‘middle’ (closer to the bottom) is purgatory and the bottom is hell

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