22 thoughts on “I’m sure its very important

  1. Silly boys! Anyone can clearly see he’s a Ken Doll with those fake plastic arm muscles and the stiff, wrong direction arm on the right. So it is clearly a doll stand. One that rocks, probably so he could do dance moves. So what we have here is Stayin’ Alive Ken, a rare 70’s collector’s item!

  2. er, meant to say silly guys in the generic group sense…not implying i know if you’re a silly boy or silly gel reynard! 😉

  3. 😆 I don’t remember having seen this one before! I almost LOL’d at work!

    But…. am I the only one who thinks Ken looks like he’s been swapping chest-ular regions with Barbie?

  4. Okay, that explains, um, pointy-ness, but not the fullness. Those look like they need to be restrained, especially when engaging in such physical activities as throwing around broken wagon wheels… with spikes on them?!?

  5. Now that I look at it again, that’s an awfully feminine hairdo he’s sporting. Maybe we’ve got it all wrong; maybe it’s really one of those body-builder chicks with a testosterone problem. 😯 That would explain why s/he’s wearing a dress when the guy just out of shot on the right is nekkid.

  6. Obviously you didn’t see some of the ken dolls from the early 80’s. 😀
    Yeah, I think you’re right tho. Except body building women tend to be rather um, flat there. 😀

  7. hey guyz I love to talk about Ken dolls too. and gi joe with that sexy scar. unfortunately, I think I know what that thing is. if you look on the left of it, it looks like tuning machines. that would make it a piece of a broken lyre or harp or something. does that make sense in context? does that take all the fun out of it? it does, doesn’t it. I fail. oh well—-

  8. Do they use raptor talons on harps?

    Really Rowan, I think the bigger concern is that you might right, and that would be indicative of something disturbing about you.

  9. maybe it’s an angel. they are supposedly not male or female. like Tilda Swinton in Constantine. but I refuse to think that Alan Rickman as Metatron in Dogma is not male. but maybe this angel is both. muscular, yet feminine. interesting complex hairdo. big strong hands. unbound breasts. can’t see lower down, though. and that I actually thought long about this is another indicator that something is clearly wrong with me. not sure what, though—-

  10. So what we have here then is an angelish male or female or both who was playing the harp when they were knocked off the stage by some unruly patrons who wanted to hear Free Bird breaking the harp. This angered the angel type personage who pressed a secret switch on the broken harp causing sharp impliments (switch blade harp) to spring forth, and thus we have the beginnings of the first recorded bar room brawl.

  11. that person should know better than to ask for Free Bird. there is also a no Stairway to Heaven rule. also, no Color My World, Heart and Soul—-

  12. I don’t mean to take away the fun, but I think I can explain the androgynous nature of the angel person.
    I can tell right away that this is a Michelangelo work, due to the masculine body on a woman.
    Michelangelo was very very gay and never saw the nude female figure, ever.
    So when he had to paint/draw/sculpt etc. a woman, he gave them the body of a man 😛

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