We haz a gravatar.

Just a quick note to mention we’ve caught up with the 20th century, and now when you make a comment and are logged into WordPress, your avatar will show.  Nothing important,really, nothing to see here.  Well, other than the gravatar.  Maybe in future weeks we’ll endeavor to catch up with the 21st century.

Oh, and go vote.  Seriously.

22 thoughts on “We haz a gravatar.

  1. Wonderful. Well, as you might be able to see if it’s in effect, My Gravatar name is slightly different from my “real” internet name. But I’m still “Reynard” no matter which name you see.

  2. Yeah, my original “Reynard” web handle will work on most of the Gravatar-associated sites that I frequent but I simply prefer to keep my user name the same as my login name. BTW: Is there any way that you could change my login name for this site? If not, I’ll understand.

  3. Nope. User name is still different from login name. If you don’t want to mess with it anymore, I’m willing to forego my membership perks and stick with my Gravatar-based user name.

    @MBHT: The way to get a Gravatar is to go to their website. They’ll walk you through the avatar-making process. Can’t wait to see what yours looks like…

  4. I think that might possibly be the best statement ever.
    LOLH for teh Win!

    Ok OK I admit, I like MBHT’s Avatar Performance Anxiety too. LOL!

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