They’re not even trying anymore

Submitted by Reverend Wubby.

Apparently, the virgin is continuing her world tour, this time stopping in Boston. Just remember. These people vote.

Oh hey, while you’re out. If you see the image of a Platypus in the window or on toast, can you let us know? Thanks.

6 thoughts on “They’re not even trying anymore

  1. U ken haz rokk! *innocently tosses small stone up and down in hand waiting for opportune moment…*

  2. well who needs rocks? some vinegar and water shuld clear that rite up, provided no one turns it into WINE! *glares at Jebus image on toast* wayte, dat’s nawt Jebus!

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  4. Need custom toast?

    I made a perfect playboy bunny image on toast.

    But it was on wheat bread so I eated it.

    I go get white bread, now.

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