DanielK the Spambot

I would like to take a moment to appreciate my favorite reader, DanielK the spambot. Daniel isn’t the brightest spambot, but he is persistent, and has a good heart. What’s more, it’s his willingness to learn that impresses me. Join me now in some of his more insightful comments.

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Above and beyond the call

Star Wars Last Supper

Ok, seriously, this is insane.

Deliciously insane.

This is a mosaic made from frames of all six of the movies. I know, not really blasphemous, for that it would have to be made from screenshots of Star Wars Galaxies, but it is highly, highly cool. Printed out it’s 6 feet long and weighs 3lbs.

Check out more details at the website of the guy who made the Star Wars Last Supper mosaic.