4 thoughts on “But! But! They won’t stop posting meme’s!

  1. Mere words or thoughts can’t express my intense feelings of hatred that I’m feeling for you dear fucking gOd you Nazarene piece of filth. You made me, gave me a pure eternal soul, put life into this body, and gave your only son jesus fucking Christ that was so beautifully nail to the cross so that my sins would be forgiven and my eternal soul would go to heaven. You also gave me freewill and with this gift of freewill I willing, with many years of thought, malice, full knowledge of the results of my sins, and with pride and joy, I purposely blasphemy mock, curse, deny, and defile you gOd, jehovah, yahweh, the nazarene filth and most of the holy spirit. I do this to remove any drop of vile cum that spurted from your rotten son jesus fucking christs cock out of me and also to remove your vile stench from me. Just the thought of you dear gOd, jehovah, yahweh, the nazarene filth makes me want to vomit. Every time I see a cross my first thought that goes through my mind is how can I stick it that cross my up ass.
    Here is my promise to you dear gOd, jehovah, yahweh, the nazarene filth, every morning I wake up the first thoughts that will go through my mind will be of blasphemy. I will curse, mock and defile the holy spirit and you dear gOd, jehovah, yahweh, the nazarene filth. Listen to my oath.
    I deny you god and your rule
    I defy you god and your supreme force
    I will crucify you again
    Your death dear gOd will be a glory celebrated by all
    Never forgotten and in my mind
    Your churches torment me
    I’ll destroy your high altar and blasphemy you
    I will have your blood, dear gOd, on my cock
    I’ll show you my hate
    I’ll spit on your churches and
    Cum on your Holy Spirit
    Black tortures you will feel
    christ, preacher of goodness and beauty
    god, preacher of love and purity
    Inside of your ass, dear god, my penis curses
    As I feel your tight anus is around my cock
    Blasphemy fills your brain
    god will drop to your knees and pray to me
    Your simple prayer of mercy will be your death
    I am your master dear fucking gOd
    The thought of your death is making me hard
    My altar is the altar of fallen gods
    Mary the mother of God is my altar piece
    You will be in your cage watching me
    As I’m fucking her on my altar
    Just before I cum I will open your cage and cum on your face
    You will be lapping up the cum on my cock and
    Licking off the floor

  2. -1 for ranting in the wrong place, too.

    you know, all that is why he’s not caught up on his friends’ list. blowhard.

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