Bored at work? How about a little Faith Fighter to annoy religious groups?

Faith Fighter by Molleindustria is a satirical flash based fighting game.

Faith Fighter is a simple flash fighting game that was released over a year ago. Apparently some religious groups got all huffy about it, culminating recently with this delectable quote.

“This game is going out of its way to upset people and I think it should be taken off the internet,” said Douglas Miller, pastor of the Link Church in Birmingham, according to Metro’s report.

Yes. Take it off… The internet.. Good luck with that. Still he must feel somewhat victorious, since the developer, Molleindustria did cave and remove it from their site. Of course, it still exists in dozens of places (and the source code is freely available), so yeah, again, good luck on that getting it off the internet thing.

You can play the game here, among other places.

via Kotaku.