8 thoughts on “Could sell ya one, but it would cost an ARM and a leg.

  1. Slow Metz is slow.
    I mean I got the title, LOL @ arm & a leg, but was momentarily confused by why ARM was all caps.
    Then it hit me about an hour later and I literally LOL’d.

  2. That’s not bad, Metz. I got the shoe part, but not the arm & leg title. A little help, please?

    While I’m at it, does anyone have a clue as to why there’s a knife handle sticking out from the upper right side? Maybe Judas is offscreen? Yellowbeard?

  3. Kat, it took me a bit but the “ARM” part refers to Adustable Rate Mortgages, the downfall of the US Economy right now. The whole phrase is an old saying for “it’s gonna be EXPENSIVE!”

    I was wondering about the knife handle too. I found this pic by its lonesome so am assuming it’s part of a larger picture.

    Could also be the butt of the gun of one of the deputies “escorting” them from their former home. 😉

  4. D’OH! I hate it when there’s a joke I don’t get. I’m having a blonde week. (Thanks for the answer, gang!)

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