4 thoughts on “Blu-Ray? HD DVD? Which Jesus?

  1. I’ve got a very old home-video that my older brother made during the Beta/VHS debate, of his g/f’s family discussing the virtues of each. Beta was totally winning the argument. I was too young to remember Beta being a viable option, so the video is fun — especially when I play it in my VHS!!!!!

    We all know it’ll come down to HD DVD in the end.
    1: It’s an acronym. Those are fun.
    2: Most people hate format changes. People are familiar with DVD, and know what HD is, so it’s really hardly a change at all.

    I don’t know which is the better product. That doesn’t matter, anyway. Still, somehow I feel Jesus is a Blu-Ray kinda guy. He seems like an early adopter.

  2. AH, but as the HD DVD side of the table mentions, they were the first to market, so as an early adopter Jesus would have gone with them. Blu-ray probably is the better format, but that means little. Cost and movie availability are the key factors, and at this point, its a stalemate.

    Honestly, I put my dice on HD DVD, but then, coward that I am, I hedged my bet with a PS3. Either way, I’m only renting movies until a winner emerges.

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