And now a word from our sponsor

Ok, not really, but since surprisingly we aren’t making ad revenue off google ads and their prayer ring tones and Christian T-Shirts, we decided to look through Amazon for something loltheististicly (I love making up words, LolTheist is cringing right now, be sure of it) appropriate.

What we found, and are continuing to find, is just really, really amusing. So, I’m dropping the first batch altogether here, so in the future, when the ads are long gone we can still look back and laugh.

If you feel really charitable, click through them before doing your Christmas shopping on Amazon, and we’ll get a stipend. But even if you’re not planning on shopping, these are seriously worth taking a look at. Without further ado…

Deluxe Miracle Jesus Action Figure I mean come on people, DELUXE Miracle Jesus! With GLOW IN THE DARK hands. Here at we look for the absurdity in religious art, and we wonder how such paintings could ever have been considered reverent at the time. Guess some things never change.
Believe In God Breath Spray Ok, so they are, at least, not serious. Still, it made me laugh. Check out some of their other products which are just as amusing.
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Intelligent Design The only problem with the book is that while the cover is priceless, the content is depressing. Still, if you have an IDer in the family, this might be a good way to show your support in their misguided beliefs.

There’ll be more to come, but enough for one day, eh?

9 thoughts on “And now a word from our sponsor

  1. While the products are all fine and kitschy, and that’s just dandy, I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight because one of your sidebar ads was for the Lord’s Gym, which has (since I was in high school) featured Jesus Christ power-lifting the Cross. This particular ad had Jesus as muscle-bound as any mid-90s superhero, and he was giving the viewer a look so dirty that his eyes were glowing blue.

    I mean, Wolverine’s not that mean!

    So Muscle-Bound Jesus will be haunting my dreams tonight….

  2. Dude, we feel your pain as we have no control over those ads. Then again, the idea of a muscle bound Jesus with dunesque eyes might be amusing enough for us to rotate. I havent heard of Lord’s Gym and havent seen the ad yet so it’s hard to tell.

    So, sorry about that whole sleep thing. Maybe Rozerem is right for you?

  3. okay, I was never sure if those ads were serious or not. now, I have been educated by my viewing of Fridgedoor and BlueQ and their many irreverent products. I can have religiously correct breath in one stick of gum and then with the next stick, I can be Canadian. wow.

  4. I clicketh for thou.

    I love that the glow in the dark jesus comes with “1 Water into Wine Jug” – see, all along it was the special jug, not jesus, that turned the water to wine – so where’s the religion devoted to jugs… oh, wait….. yeah, never mind

  5. Gotta love the Jesus Bandages, “Better Together” with the Deluxe Miracle Jesus – Action Figure! You’ll need them when his glow in the dark hands burn through you.

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