7 thoughts on “The off season was particularly difficult

  1. thought it was a hat, but that doesn’t explain why the other guys seem so intrigued–
    Golden Helmet of Mandrino? (that’s a Man of LaMancha joke)

  2. OH, see, that puts a whole new slant on things. they’re actually looking at the baby with those WTF faces. maybe the kings have already been there and left the gingerbread castle–oh, wait, that one guy ate it, didn’t he? and- now, I’m confused and the golden helmet thing seems more and more likely, since it wasn’t a helmet at all, but a barber’s basin.
    but back then, a man who had a robe with a hood could also wear a hat, just wear the hood pushed back. a mark of respect would have been to remove the hat, but covering the head with a hood could be a mark of reverence if the man was a holy man. back then in the Renaissance, not in the Holy Land. There were no lobster claw guys in the holy land. (yes,,I know they are just a version of mittenss)

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