It’s the strangest thing

We totally knew at some point some fundy would try to take us down, but elves? Seriously. You know how hard it is to find $1.37 in unmarked bills on Christmas eve?

Yeah, pretty tough.

It’s ok though, the FBI just went all Waco on their ass and we’re back. Hope everyone had a great xmas.

Holiday contest is still running through the end of the year. Don’t make the blood of those elves be in vane.

6 thoughts on “It’s the strangest thing

  1. haha I noticed that right away, too, but thought maybe it’s just that the elf blood got splashed all over a bunch of windows, or sumthin

  2. Maybe they were fundie elves. They do work for the “Big Guy”, eh? Sounds suspiciously like God in a red suit.

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