6 thoughts on “It’s always that gambit

  1. I thought those were skulls behind Swarthy Intimidating Arab there, but on closer inspection they’re just more guys in turbans.

    Really, what’s the message here? Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed play Risk every Saturday night? Where’s YHWH (or at least Moses)? Vishnu or any of the other Hindu gods? Quetzalcoatl? Spider Woman? It’s just those three religions, huh?

    I guess the artist ran out of room.

  2. Obviously, they are in a ladder tournament and its been whittled down to the main players. Although it is double elimination, so maybe Quetzalcoatl will be able to get back into it.

  3. Well, Jebus has small church people, Buddha has saffron-robed monks, and Mohammed has little guys in turbans.

    I think it’s much more like Risk than I initially thought. Jesus has America, and Mohammed seems to have the Middle East and Africa.

    Which raises the question: Why does the artist think that Nova Scotia, Greenland, and Iceland are in the thrall of Buddha?

  4. I don’t know, it’s much to cold there to sit about in saffron robes chanting things and drinking tea. (yes, i know that’s not really what buddhists do)

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