29 thoughts on “He started to get confused in his old age…

  1. Lol, productive? You must be joking. This book says so gets to be a very pointless, very fast.

    Also, sadly, we have yet to have anyone enraged, which is disappointing. We were hoping to have a section for hate mail.

  2. Sure it would. But, then again, comparing fairy tales to science really doesn’t allow for much conversation, does it?

  3. It seems a little backwards, but science doesn’t explain enough for me. I fully grasp the concepts of science; I can understand HOW something works. But it doesn’t tell me WHY something works. You can tell me that life began as one tiny amoeba that grew, mutated, whatever you want to call it. But what gave it the ability to do that? If the universe began as a tiny molecule that exploded into everything we see now, where did that first speck come from? Science can only take me so far. I believe there has to be some greater power that makes these things happen.

    And before it becomes an issue, I’m not challenging anyone’s beliefs, only stating mine. Everyone is entitled to their own.

  4. I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.

  5. I’m fine with you filling in the blanks with god. My problems start with the definitions people ascribe to god. If lots of blanks make you uncomfortable, but the word god satisfies that, great. Where do you come up with all these ideas about god though….he’s loving, omnipotent, Jesus is his son, Mohammed is his prophet, heaven and hell, all that stuff is a long way off from simply stating that there are questions that science can’t answer. Any one of these ideas can be traced back to human needs and desires, not an honest search for truth. Not only that, but these ideas about god are where the dualities begin that have caused so many problems in the world. I’m much more satisfied to say there are blanks than to fill them with unsupported answers.

  6. @Osama:

    Them: “If not God, what created the universe?”
    Me: “What created God?”
    Them: “Nothing created God. He just is.”
    Me: “Nothing created the universe. It just is.”
    Them: “No, everything needs a beginning.”
    Me: “Then God needs a beginning.”
    Them: “Everything except God needs a beginning.”
    Me: “No, everything except the universe needs a beginning.”
    Them: “… *sigh*”

    … Yeah, that was definitely productive.

  7. My Babies Have Tails:

    You seem like a relatively reasonable person. If you were so inclined, you might wander into your nearest university’s Biology library and find the answers you’re looking for. To make a long story short – the ability for life to evolve comes from the fact that over the course of generations, genes change. Those genes survive and are passed on if they help the organism to survive longer than its fellows. I’m not a physicist, so I cannot presume to answer your questions about the Big Bang, but Im sure that if you spent an hour with a physicist, you would find many of your questions answered. It is true that science does not have all the answers YET, but we’re working on it, and I feel it belittles the elegant reality of the Universe to say “God done it.”

  8. I understand the explanations science gives for how things happen, but what gives them the ability to do these things? How can life – of any kind – not be magical? What caused the very first organism to take it’s first breath? What gives an egg the ability to turn from a bundle of cells into a living being? Yes, yes, I understand the mechanics…but that’s not all there is to it.

  9. Basically, the Bible or Tanach is to be read as an allegorical book with lessons ranging from, don’t steal, to love thy neighbor…People on both sides of the fence who try to read the book literally, are ‘doing it wrong’. Sure there are aspects of the bible that have a historical basis, but the intermingling of symbolism and allegory make it difficult to separate factual history from the intended lessons.
    The pantheon of gods from our past do not simply go away because we have clearer understandings of our world and our selves, the gods are still held on to by those who are unable or unwilling to understand the science of our world.

  10. My Babies Have Tails:

    As long as there is a clear definition between what is religion, and what is science (i.e. creatonism/I.D. gets taught in religion class since it isn’t a scientific theory (read: testable)), I’m all good with that.

  11. but there is a tiny paradoxon about the existance god..
    if there is one, so almighty that he can be everywhere, ceate universe, life and brains he simply couldnt have that bad humor to give us that twisted minds which makes the earth a place like hell for a lot of innocent people.

  12. There’s no God? Prove it.
    There’s a God? Prove it also.
    Let’s all wait until we dies, and then we’ll see who got it right…
    Control yourselves people. There’s no point in debating this- you’re just going round in circles.
    b-sides, who says that it’s Creationism VS Evolution? It’s possible that they are metaphors for one another.

  13. Ross, I totally agree that creationism and evolution are connected. And you’re also right about us going ’round in cirlces. None of us see the others’ explanations as adequate proof for or against our own views. It’s personal standpoint, and no amount of arguement can change that.

  14. If you want to argue about it, at least get it right. The guy with the knife in the picture is the first jew, not a Christian.

    To the person who stated “what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires”, do you really think that this persons desire is to kill their child? hmmm, so your point breaks down there. BTW, what God wants me to do hardly ever coincides with my desires. I wish!

    And, no, I can’t prove there is a God. You can’t prove there isn’t. Pick one, have fun with it and leave the rest of us alone.

  15. To be precise, it’s Isaac & Abraham in “The Sacrifice of Isaac,” by Caravaggio.

    “And, no, I can’t prove there is a God. You can’t prove there isn’t.”
    Exactly, which is why those of us who are regulars don’t discuss religion in this fashion. We’ve all got different beliefs, and we mention them from time to time, but we know it’s futile – and much less fun – to argue with one another.

  16. I still am finding it hard to believe that someone created a website solely for the purpose of telling other people that they are wrong- with no supporting evidence to back it up. At least, no concrete evidence.
    I really wish that atheists would leave, uh, non-atheists, for want of a better term, alone. We aren’t trying to convert you, condemn you or excommunicate you from society etc. We just have the GALL to disagree with you. It all comes down to a simple fact that people don’t like it when others have different points of view. Tall Poppy Syndrome on a worldwide scale.

  17. Telling people they’re wrong? With no supporting evidence? *looks around* Are you commenting on the right site? No one here is trying to prove anything. Everyone here is not an atheist, i’m sure if we did a tally, most are not. Hell, when it came to starting the site, it was like a bad joke.. “An atheist, an agnostic, and a Christian start a website…”

    Absurdity holds no denomination, and people merely capitalize on that.

    There are many atheist sites on the net, this isn’t one of them. We’re merely friendly to them. We will use art from any other mythology, but let’s face it, the arrogance of Christianity is such low hanging fruit. Their huge market share makes it easy to find their artwork.

    We aren’t trying to convert you, condemn you or excommunicate you from society etc.
    That said, you might want to look in your backyard, those things happen all the time.

  18. Christianity isn’t arrogant. Stop hating on people for their beliefs. In all truth, evolution has more holes in it than a pimp in a shootout.

  19. I think it’s great to laugh at yourself every once in awhile but calling others arrogant is kind of fruitless.

  20. “That said, you might want to look in your backyard, those things happen all the time.”
    If people do this, then they are obviously not very good christians. They are missing the whole point of christianity. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR.
    I don’t know how things are run overseas, but here in NZ we keep our religious beliefs to ourselves. It’s a symptom of overrun patriotism and zealotry when you try to convert- says more about the person than the religion.
    And I know you aren’t trying to prove anything. You are just laughing at others’ expense. It’s sick.

    And Christianity is not a mythology.
    “The word mythology (from the Greek ????????? mythología, meaning “a story-telling, a legendary lore”) refers to a body of folklore/myths/legends that a particular culture believes to be true and that often use the supernatural to interpret natural events and to explain the nature of the universe and humanity.”
    (From wikipedia)
    Christianity is multi-cultural and goes far further than interpret natural events. If you’d read the bible, you’d understand that.

  21. I totally advocate reading the bible.. to quote…

    “Whatever you do, don’t read the bible for a moral code: it advocates prejudice, cruelty, superstition, and murder. Read it because we need more atheists, and nothing will get you there faster than reading the damn bible.” – Penn Jillette

  22. I assume you have not read the bible due to your complete failure to grasp the whole point of Christianity. The bible is a story, by the way, LolHeathen. Take it as any more than that and you’ll go off your nut.

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