Faith healing. Fail.

feelz like pea under mattress

7 responses to “Faith healing. Fail.”

  1. My Babies Have Tails says :

    That anjul shuld slap that beyatch (I’m Rick James, Bitch!) wif her wings n tell her she can sleep on teh floor if she dun wanna feel teh pea.

  2. Metz says :

    I can’t help it, I just thought, “The Princess and the Pea” when I saw this pic.
    So the slappin around is the REAL reason the princess wakes up all black and blue and sore the next mornin. The truth it comes out!

  3. Rowan says :

    you guyz! she’s SUPPOSED to feel the pea. that’s how you can tell she’s real princess. go rent “once upon a mattress”

  4. My Babies Have Tails says :

    *sigh* I know, but iz much funnr dis way!

  5. Metz says :

    Once Upon a Mattress?
    (search engines engage)
    Ohhhh! This looks cool! Why haven’t I heard of this before???
    Sounds kinda like Into The Woods but not quite as dark. 😀

  6. Rowan says :

    the version with Carol Burnette is wonderful, but a bit dated. Sarah Jessica Parker did it on broadway. I’m a keyboard player, and I’ve played that show in various productions, and I never get tired of it. I particularly love that the musicians get heckled, it’s written in the show.

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