8 thoughts on “No really, you dont need to come in!

  1. Ok gonna embarrass myself here…
    LOLHeathen, I usually get yer titles (they’re always spot on!)but for some reason this one escapes me.
    I axed MBHT an she wasn’t sure either.
    Pls to be splainin? Just trying to tie it to the Poseidon Adventure. :-p
    I know once you tell me I’ll be slapping my forehead and going “Doh! Why didn’t I see that before?”

  2. let’s see. I should be able to do this, it’s one of my gifts.
    Okay, in the Posiedon adventure, the ship was upside down. so the stained glass ceiling was now on the bottom. okay, so someone looks into the room from an upside down doorway, thinking about entering. what will happen if he jumps or steps down onto a stained glass ceiling? maybe nothing, but it could conceiveably break, destroying the stained glass people.
    how’s that?

  3. I was basically thinking of angels coming for them… a DO NOT WANT sort of thing. I wasn’t entirely happy when I posted it, but I couldn’t think of anything else either. There’s been a few titles that haven’t worked, but no one has called me on any of them yet 🙂 Hey, with like over 600 entries, they can’t all be masterpieces.

  4. Well even moar of a reason for the angels to not come in! Please do not tap on the glass, it disturbs the peoples.

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