13 thoughts on “He truly is Master of the Universe

  1. He-Man was christian indoctrination disguised as a children’s action cartoon.
    She-Ra is totally Mary Magdalene, Marlena was the virgin mother. Randor was Joseph and Miro was God. Adora was Eve. Yes, Skeletor is the devil.

    I should prolly not smoke-up while watching the Boomerang network.

  2. how could you not know that Skeletor was teh devil? all of those cartoons had teh devil. remember Thundercats? I still have nightmares about Mum-Ra the neverliving.

  3. Mum-Ra wasn’t the devil, he was misunderstood. As a side note, word of advice, never go looking for Thundercats fanfic. Or accidentally stumble on to it.

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