This should drive people nuts.

Bearded Orientals: Making the Empire Cross by Priscilla Bracks

Roving reporter Bagel of Everything writes to us about this daring blasphemy out of Australia. Read more about it here. Not sure how I feel on this one, we usually don’t look for blasphemy to outright piss people off, but it’s fascinating, and may be captionable…

LOLTheist didn’t want to let me post this, but I beat her with a crucifix until she agreed.

21 thoughts on “This should drive people nuts.

  1. Why not? So many people kill others in Bin Laden’s name, so many MORE have killed throughout history in Jebus’ name. Still are at it too. Good connection on the artist’s part.

  2. If the order of the images were reversed, there’s a potential for a dragonball-esque “changing forms” type caption.

    now pwr lvl mor dan 3 BILYUN!

  3. You’re right, and I would have never thought of it that way.

    But still, Jebus said, “Love one another.” (not a direct quote, He wasn’t available for interview at this time)

    Bin Laden said, “Car bomb the f>@#*&$.”

  4. mbht; yer rite too. Unfortunately most of Jebus’ followers who do go down that path tend to ignore that advice and stick with “an eye for an eye” and “suffer not a _____ to live” and all that and those aren’t even things that he supposedly said yet they still claim they do what they do in his name. 😦

    It is sad, because if you take what they say he said in the bible I can agree with those sentiments for the most part, but it is hard to swallow when so many think it is ok to do some really nasty things in his name. (here I’m thinking of that church that protests at funerals of gay people and soldiers)

    I know every religion has its bloody history and its share of extremists.

    Oh and I know NOTHING about Dragonball either.

  5. There are so many possibilities….
    “Osama, transform and roll out.”
    “Bitches don’t know about my flaming heart.”
    “It seems that you’ve been living two lives. One life, you’re Osama, terrorist for a respectable middle-eastern country. You have no social security number, pay no taxes, and you… blow up your landlady. The other life is lived in heaven, where you go by the prophet alias ‘Bejesus’.”
    “Middle-eastern bio-degradable linen – before and after.”

    come on – you can do it!

  6. actually, My Babies, Jesus said “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth:
    I came not to send peace, but a sword.”
    Matthew 10

    I was just talking to my mother who said “If Jesus came back today, and landed in the USA, he’d
    up in Guantanamo Bay.”

  7. …I came not to send peace, but a sword. Matthew 10

    Matthew was such a liar. Jesus said “sward” not “sword.”

    Which, as everyone knows, means “Land covered with grassy turf” or “A lawn or meadow.”

    So you have all these jokers running around with swords, chopping people to bits, when really, they should be staying home with a weed-whacker and a couple of margaritas.

  8. wowzers. though, in fairness, you have to give the idiot jesusfellaters credit in that for the last couple years they’ve beheaded fewer people for “insults” to their religion. at least in the US. Tho one could make the case that many of the casualties in Iraq are anti-Muslim.
    Sigh. Screw all of them. I’m going back to worshipping George Carlin, and waiting for carlinite schisms and reformations.

  9. Jeebus Christ- Still the leading cause of death globally… but Osama’s trying to compete! I suppose we could just say religion is the leading cause of death.

  10. omfg somebody ought to start a collection. starting with jebus in the dog’s ass. did you know that the lady with the grilled cheez sandwich virgin mary had it TATTOOED on her liver-spotted chest? because she couldn’t bear to be without it when it went on TOUR!!
    please, tell me the almighty doesn’t reveal himself in food. animals, okay, but not food—-

  11. Why not? This is the same god whose wildly inefficient ways thinks its better to torture a nation with plagues then bump off one disobedient leader.

  12. take a look at the previous images on that link for the turtle, Virgin Mary in the George Foreman Grill dripping tray!
    That is just so sad.
    (all that wasted fat drippings) 😛

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