17 thoughts on “For heaven’s sake keep hold of it

  1. wonder how many other mysterious objects Jebus made when he waz little. something I read, though, maybe a novel-like account of his early life, they said that his first miracle was resurrecting a little boy, like 5, that he had killed on the playground.

  2. So it was Jeebus dat created do overz too?

    Pikshur looks liek Mary nawt roll verry gud doobeez!

    OMG dat pikshur iz kiddie pronz! iz can see hiz thingee {averting my eyez}

  3. @Rowan, that was Anne Rice’s 1st book in her series written in her newfound Christian Faith (with Capital Letters) Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt.

    I just picked up the 2nd in the series from my library. I like her writing style but man oh man, in the beginning I dun know if it is just me but her jebus is kinda whiny.

  4. I wanted to say Anne Rice, but then I thought I must be wrong. her newfound faith, huh?
    and yes, her Jebus is whiny, but then he’s human and we are sometimes whiny. it’s just that, like us, he grew out of it and it became overshadowed by what he did later. in between, he told stories to the rabbis (is there a plural for rabbi?) in the temple, as we learned in a previous post.
    maybe I need sleep, my brain just went off on rabbi–rabbit, rabbinate–rabbinator—

  5. didn’t u hear? she’s gonna give him and a few other of the “favorites” REDEMPTION.
    sigh…liked it better when it was all full of angst.
    Which reminds me, have to thank you for bringing Feast of All Saints to mind again Heathen, I think I might try to push that one for the next book club. I’m in the mood to read it again.

  6. Apparently, baby jeebus can even make emo vampires all happy-face.

    I love this site. Blasphemy makes me happy, and now I’ve found a place that does it every day!

  7. she’s gonna give them REDEMPTION? don’t they have anything to say about it? it’s one of the really great things about Anne Rice’s world that her characters are totally believeable and take on a life of their own. I liked hearing her take on Jesus, actually. the Bible says that he was without sin as a man, and in her world, his humanity is clear. I like that. and the Mayfair witches. being a witch myself, I wish I could be one of those!

  8. “Frst golden snitch wuz gvn to boy who died

    As to Anne Rice–wonder what sort of redemption she’s going to give all the characters from the Sleeping Beauty series and Exit to Eden?

  9. But..but… naughty bits implies plural, meaning both twig and giggleberries. Only twig is showing. That’s why I said thingy. I know.. tomato, tomahto =)

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