12 thoughts on “I blame Japan

  1. nice, Bagel! this is the picture that started the fuss with the Santafix at Christmas. the only one I could find was too small to see. some window dresser in Japan made an honest mistake while trying to incorporate western stuff into their traditions.

  2. Ok, I see it now. The pointy santa hat pointing down looked like a giant gaping hole to me. Tells you something about me, I guess.

    @Bagel: A more perfect Easter image could not be imagined. 😀

  3. It’s certainly on a par with the huge numbers of western ijits walking around with ‘beef & broccoli’ tattooed on their behinds. My all-time fave was at the height of the Japanese craze in the ’80’s – a common t-shirt translated as something like ‘I hate stupid Americans’.

  4. one of my crafting friends is totally serious about having a Santafix for Christmas next year. she doesn’t see a thing wrong with it, she’s totally a godless heathen pagan. some of my favorite things are when the absurd is mixed with the devine.

  5. I saw a t-shirt that said “QWND- a whole letter past pwnd!”
    taking a typographical error right over the edge

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